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Self Portrait: Reflection


Self Portrait: Reflection
I love to tell a story, be it with words or with pictures.

I got a little behind in Capturing My 365 because the shot I wanted to take for yesterday’s prompt required daylight and the days still aren’t quite long enough for that when I get home from work. So today I’m posting a two-fer.

I chose to start CY365 in February because I felt like taking on something as huge as this would be easier to start in a short month. Dip my toe in, so to speak. And it’s in keeping with my resolution to take more pictures in 2013.

Katrina Kennedy offers a monthly list of the photos to take and a daily photo inspiration email. I use both. The planner in me likes to know what is coming up in my week/month and having the list appeases that part of me. The daily inspiration makes me stop and think about the photo idea and often to come up with even better ideas for my photos. I love it because it challenges me as a photographer to really think about what I’m trying to capture. It makes me stop and think about the story I’m trying to tell.

And most importantly of all, it’s fun.

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2 thoughts on “Self Portrait: Reflection

  1. Great photo, it’s really strong and your eyes are just mesmerizing. I am a big fan of reflection technique, when you can see an object through mirror, glass or river. Did you do a reflection on a skyscraper , or something similar? When you take a picture of reflection on a river, you can play with exposure to get a really interesting outcome. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for sharing!

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