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Dear Internets,


Some of your patrons seem to be from…a time less civilized. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re from a past that no one likes to talk about or if they are our sad future. I’m hoping for the former. I also think it has something to do with a full moon. And considering that the full moon is currently waning, but still ?rather full, I am going to go ahead and state this as scientific fact: FULL MOON = CRAZIES EN MASSE, EN FORCE. I’m seeing a good bit of this over on Dooce and even over here as well.

Here’s the kicker about your crazies, internet. I still think they don’t get how a personal blog is just that. Personal. Sure, it might be open to public comment, but they seem to miss the part that the person who owns that blog has administrative rights to do whatever they want with the crazy comments. It’s kind of like, “Hey, look at me, I’m being so IN YOUR FACE with my FAKE NAME/ANONYMITY because I’ve got BALLS TO TELL YOU LIKE IT IS so long as you can’t find me.” And I’m sure that they don’t realize that just because they don’t use their real name or just because they post anonymously, they think they’re safe. They are never safe.?

Leaving a hate comment on someone’s personal site is about as safe as walking up to a stranger and calling his wife a whore while trying to hit on him at the same time. IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE. You’re gonna get bitch slapped. By somebody.?

So, all I’m asking, internets, is that you round up your crazies and put them back in the nuthouse.

Miss Pants

Author: lilMDP

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7 thoughts on “Dear Internets,

  1. what a waste of time. it’d be like someone coming here and posting something mean or stupid. oooooo you can be BRAVE ANONYMOUSLY on the INTERNET. you must be AWESOME…

    to your cats. and lonely, rusting vibrator.

  2. But WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE, apparently. So, you know, STOP BEING SO SPOILED!!1!!!1!

  3. Do I need to do some ass kicking? You just let me know.

  4. Not again! Sad that their own lives are so pathetic, they have to read about yours!

  5. Oh no!! Not again! Crazy ex-girlfriend/wives/friends again?? Someone is obviously very jealous of you to do all this stalking and hate commenting.

  6. Just because one nutjob (unt wants to act like a twelve year old is no reason to spoil the party.

  7. There’s really no good place for me to put this but yes, the Mountain Dew Throwback is DAMN GOOD


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